The King!

Among the changing months, May stands confest The sweetest, and in fairest colors dressed

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He like chicken sausage breakfast patties

- Brian Alston

News of the Week

Starbucks Sundays

My regular Sunday doctoral study location is the Glendale library. The Community Center and Peoria libraries are not open on Sundays. Glendale has 3 libraries near me. I used to go to Main. About a year ago, I could not connect to their WiFi. I tried everything that I know. Next I went to Murphy Park. Same thing. After that was Heroes. My laptop worked! Heroes is small and can get noisy but it is a good place. Two weeks ago, my laptop could not connect to Heroes internet. Darn it! Next up: Starbucks. There is a location near Glendale Main library. This location has a lot of tables and does not get too busy. WiFi is stable. I used to bring my homemade iced coffee to Heroes. So that I respect Starbucks, I buy coffee there. Starbucks helps me to get out of the house and get homework done.

A new King's Court article where I visit 3 European cities

250 Steps an Hour for 13 Hours: 7 of 7 Days

No Missed Days, 22 Straight Days!!! 😄 🥇 🙌🏾