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And when she sees the deeper suns, that usher in the happy May

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He likes the New American Standard Bible (NASB) 2020

- Brian Alston

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Running Man

I am not a good running. When I was young, I never tried competitive running. When I joined the Air Force, my statistics improved but not much. I started regularly running because I was getting too tired during Karate class and needed to increase my endurance. I have only entered 2 group races, both 4 milers, eight years ago. As I was prepping to run on Saturday, I remember the Pat Tillman Run was going on. Tillman left the Arizona Cardinals and joined the Army, where he was killed in action. PTR is 4.2 miles and, because of COVID-19 restrictions, could be ran anywhere. I decided to join. I ran THEdeuce route. I saw another group of runners and I merged with them. When we arrived at my normal turnaround point, I went solo. Overall, my time and pace were greater than normal. I had a good running session celebrating a true American hero.