The King!

Why must June always disown me?

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He thinks pound cake is just okay

- Brian Alston

News of the Week

Running on Empty

I mentioned that my 4 running routes go south-north-south on 95th avenue near my house. Most of the time, I run six days a week. Wednesday is a walk day. I wear either an orange or green reflective shirt so vehicles will see me. I run against traffic because I do not like when cars come from behind. 95th has a bicycle lane and I try to run on asphalt rather than cement sidewalk. Since I run against traffic, I see the drivers. If they give me some room, I wave at them. Since I have been running most days for months, I see the same cars/people. Now they wave before I do. Peoria Unified School District bus parking lot is off 95th ave so I see a lot of buses. The drivers always wave. I see some of the same walkers. There is an older Asian woman. For the first week, she did not acknowledge me. Now she always says hello. There is a teenaged girl walking to the bus stop. She always says hello. I see Dave with his dog. He always says hello. Human interaction makes my running sessions much better.