The King!

What joy have I in June's return?

Quick Blast

He likes taking pictures in front of murals

- Brian Alston

News of the Week

District Meeting

Received a postcard from new Councilmember Denette Dunn. She represents Pine, which is my district. The former Councilmember, Carlo Leone, retired after 20 years. Carlo and I knew each other. I wrote an article that was published in local newspaper criticizing Carlo for blocking a new parkway south of my house. There were about 50 citizens at the meeting. I was the only Black person and one of the youngest. A lot of city departments were representing including the Chief of Police, Fire Deputy Admiral, City Manager, Water and Finance. The Parks Department Manager showed a concept where there will be a city park adjacent to New River Trail. I run on the trail weekends. Overall a good meeting.

Salad Dressing of the Day: Robusto Italian