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The March wind sweeps and sings

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Nuclear cooling towers make him nervous

- Brian Alston

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I'd think, with computers and phones, most people don't write as much. At work, I'll mostly write notes during meetings and conversations but ultimately transfer to computer. I write more at home. I've kept a journal for almost 8 years. It's gone through various styles but I try to record thoughts. After reading an article, I recently started another journal. As soon as I wake up, I write down a few words that pop into my head. My handwriting is poor and I use block letters. I learned to write cursive in second grade. Actually my Sister Karen taught me cursive the Summer between first and second grades. My teacher didn't like it. My cursive is very sloppy. I got a cursive writing app on iPad and all morning journal entries will be in cursive. Good luck trying to read what I wrote in 30 years.

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