The King!

I wander forth this chill December dawn

Quick Blast

He never owned a portable CD player

- Brian Alston

News of the Week

Funny Money

I keep a jar in my pantry for any money that I find. I am very good at spotting coins during my running sessions. Most of the time, the coins damaged, sometimes almost unrecognizable. I have found some bills. One time there was $10 bill laying next to my empty trash can. I was in the supermarket when a man asked did I drop that? It was $20! He walked away. I waited several seconds, picked it up, and walked up and down the aisle waiting to see if anyone would come back. So my money jar has about $36 in bills. I left my house to go on an early morning running session. Two houses away, I find $1 bill in the street and another not far away! I put both in my pocket and started running. Later that morning, I check my running pants and no money! It must have fell out while exercising. Whoever found it can hopefully use it.