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October, I lo'e thee! Thy whisper is soothing

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He has never seen any Hunger Games movies

- Brian Alston

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Online Learning

I recently started my eighth(!) doctoral class. The days are flying by. I have learned a lot, and there is so much more to learn. I am excited about this class: Principles of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. My degree is in I/O Psychology, and I am ready to discover more. The first five classes were being held via Zoom. The last two were in person on campus. Classes were on Wednesday nights. This class is purely online. No set day and time. A good aspect is I do not have to drive 30 minutes to campus. During the dozens of classes I completed from Associates, to Bachelors, to Masters, I took two online classes. I work better learning from a professor live and have better classroom interactions. Luckily, my next three classes will be on campus.