The King!

When dark December glooms the day, and takes our autumn joys away...

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He has never done spin cycling

- Brian Alston

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Leg Lifts

Wednesdays are my walk days. I participate in a challenge where mid-week walks generate points. So far in 2023 I missed two Wednesdays, both times I was out of town. In 2022 I missed one, also out of town. A few weeks ago, I was doing a walk/run session when suddenly I felt major pain in my left knee. My leg had been bothering me for several days. I figured I would walk it off, but I could not put a lot of weight on the leg. Luckily, I was not too far away from home, so I limped back. I went to Urgent Care, got a brace and an x-ray, which was inconclusive. Technician said if it does not feel better, request an MRI. I bought a cane from Goodwill, which helps a lot. While my left leg feels a lot better, I still have pain and cannot completely bend it. I rode my Schwinn Voyager bicycle without any issues. I have not gone running or hiking. Karate classes are fine if I take it easy. So, my morning cardio is limited to walking (with the brace and cane) and biking.

250 Steps an Hour for 13 Hours: 4 of 7 Days

Missed Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday 😞