The King!

Spring breezes drift and tiny May birds chirp in morning's dawn-lit heart

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He's never eaten kimchi

- Brian Alston

News of the Week

Mercer's Bench

Arizona's Stay at Home ended on May 15th which allows places like restaurants, gyms, salons & barber shops to reopen. As you know, this didn't affect my daily life. Weekends I still completed my morning exercise sessions on New River Trail. Afterwards I'd sit on bench in front of Mercer's Restaurant. Mercer's was open for take-out but I didn't see most of my regular weekend diners. Mercer's clientele tends to skew to senior citizen in the 70+ range. Now that there's been a solid week, eaters started coming back. Saturday I saw 4 families that I haven't seen since early March. Sunday I saw 6 families coming for breakfast. It was great to have conversations with them.

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