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What potent blood hath modest May

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His entire house is his man cave

- Brian Alston

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Back to the Office

After 2 months, I worked out of the office. I had to get service done on The E. Same miserable but safe drive. Talking with the technician, he thought it would have to stay overnight. I went to Enterprise to get a rental car. The office setup has changed. Now there are certain places where you can borrow a desk for the day. My old desk/area is now being used by a new department. I sat in an area and did not have any other co-workers around. Later, I got a call that The E was fixed. I sent back to the dealer just to make certain everything was correct. I turned the rental back in, got a ride back to the dealer, and drove back to the office. I stayed late and got in a good doctoral study session. However, because the lights work on sensors, I had to move every few minutes before the lights turned off. I got dinner a White Castle. Overall, it was a good day at work.