The King!

The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within

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He has not seen any Kung Fu Panda movie

- Brian Alston

News of the Week

Date Night

Free Friday was Dinner, Drinks & a Movie. Saw movie Aryglle. The ads said it had a twist ending so I was immediately intrigued. Agreed. I liked it. National Pizza Day dinner was at Lil Capo Pizzeria at Westgate. Had two slices: Hot Honey Roni & Lil Diablo, both were good. Paired with a lager. Post meal drink was an Imperial Stout. Overall a good evening.

A new King's Court article where I visit 3 European cities

250 Steps an Hour for 13 Hours: 4 of 7 Days

Missed Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 😞