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July: "the summer night is like a perfection of thought"

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Brian Fact: He only wears boxer briefs

- Brian Alston

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Sleep Cycle

November 2015 I received an early Christmas gift: a Fitbit Charge HR which is an activity tracker that counts steps and heart rate. Due to band design flaws, I had to replace the Charge HR twice. However Fitbit customer service was great. I now have a Blaze which doesn't have similar issues. The Blaze saves a lot more data. Both Blaze and Charge provide sleep information, including actual deep sleep and tossing & turning. I review my stats and find that during the week I haven't been getting good sleep. Sometimes only 3 hours! Now, my plan is to slow down by 9:00PM and be in bed asleep no later than 9:30. I'll let you know how it goes.

Salad Dressing of the Day: Italian