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April’s rare capricious loveliness

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He is a Dauphin

- Brian Alston

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Running Man

I completed the 20th Annual Pat Tillman Run. Third year in a row and fourth time overall. I did another virtual run: instead of going into Tempe and running 4.2 miles in person with the large group, I exercised around my house solo. I used the New River Trail. I started going South, turned North and ran past my starting point, and turned back South, overall going 4.5 miles in 56 minutes. I wore my leg leg brace and took my cane. There were several points where I had to slow down and walk. I saw 3 of the regular Saturday exercises, they waved or gave greetings. Since I do not exercise on Saturdays, it was the first time I have seen them in a while. One bicyclist stopped to talk. The temperature was in the low 60° with sunny skies. Overall a great day to honor the great United States Patriot Pat Tillman.

A new King's Court article where I visit 3 European cities

250 Steps an Hour for 13 Hours: 6 of 7 Days

Missed 1 Hour on Monday 💔 🤬 😭