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The stillness of October gold went out like beauty from a face

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He likes Colby Jack cheese

- Brian Alston

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Contact Lenses

I've worn contact lenses since 1985. Even though I had a decent job, my Dad helped me buy a pair. I'm sure you realize that contacts were SUPER expensive back then! I kept having problems getting into one of my eyes, don't remember which one. I wore them off and on, even took them to Air Force Basic Training. Sometime in 1993, I had an issue and didn't wear them for a while. I got laser corrective surgery twice in 2003 - 04. It helped and I was glasses free for years. Age caught up with me and now (as you know) I have several pairs of glasses. 2 years ago, I got fitted for 1 day disposable contacts. I recently bought a year's supply. It was cheaper to get that many and, because I don't wear them often, have enough for 2 - 3 years.

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