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I heard a bird sing in the dark of December, a magical thing

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He likes using exercise bands

- Brian Alston

News of the Week

250 Steps an Hour

Since I have been working from home, I try to keep moving. My Fitbit Sense tracks the number of steps I take. A goal is to get at least 250 steps per hour. You can set number of hours. From 5AM to 5PM, I try to get 250 step an hour. Sometimes it can be very difficult. I must move around during meetings. I walk around my small office. If I can, I will go outside and walk down the street and get fresh air. My holy grail is to go Monday through Sunday getting all steps. I have only done this once: April 26 to May 2. There have been several times where I have gotten close. An example is last week. On Monday, I missed the 10AM goal. Fitbit gives a warning at 50 minutes with the number of steps still needed. I was in a meeting with my Manager and miscalculated my time. Tuesday through Sunday were perfect. For the week, I achieved 22,500 steps, not counting the 250 I missed. Every Monday is a new attempt for weekly perfection.
*Update: I missed getting 250 steps on Monday at 9AM