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He likes chipotle spice

- Brian Alston

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Doctoral Update

I am continuing schoolwork at an okay pace. I am very fortunate to have a good advisor: my dissertation Chair Dr. Patricia Dolasinski. Dr. Trish is very knowledgeable and gives great feedback. I am working on Chapter 3 of my dissertation: Methodology. This chapter explains how my study will be/was conducted. I must go into a LOT of details on the problem I am solving, the purpose of my study, what type of research I am doing and why that type is needed, the method of my study and its design, research questions, study population, sources of data, trustworthiness of my study, ethical considerations, assumptions, data collection and analysis. And that is the simple answer! I am still behind on where I want to be, however I feel that progress is going very well.

250 Steps an Hour for 13 Hours: 7 of 7 Days!

No Missed Days! 14 Straight Days!!! 😄