Introducting Brian's New Car:

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium!

៛ After owning my Nissan Murano for 9 good years, I decided to get a new car. Actually, I've been thinking about it for several months.

៛ For the record, I loved the Murano. Overall it performed well. I kept it in good shape and still received a lot of good comments. People liked the contrast between the Pewter exterior with the Cabernet interior. And it was the longest that I've ever kept a car.

៛ However, the Murano didn't get good gas mileage (less than 20) and with prices hitting $4+ per gallon, I know that I needed something that would save money. Plus, being a Detroiter, I felt guilty for owning a foreign automobile. Side note: I know majority of American vehicles are built and have parts from around the globe and many 'imports' are made in the U.S. I am referring the Big Three automakers: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

So here was my plan:
- American
- Hybrid
- Sedan (while I liked driving a higher profile SUV, wanted something different)
- Peoria, Arizona (spending my money in the city where I live)
- Full-Loaded (all equipment that I wanted, no compromise)
- An exterior color that I've never owned

៛ After researching for hundreds of hours and analyzing a ton of data, a decided on a Ford Fusion Hybrid. Following my plan, I went to Peoria Ford on 30 August 2012. I spoke to a salesman and took a test drive. He said the 2013 Fusion would be redesigned, including a new electric system that will achieve greater gas savings. When I told him I wouldn't be buying until March (2013), he didn't seem that interested in me. This included not introducing me to his general manager! So scratch Peoria Ford off my list.

៛ As time got closer, I used USAA's car buying service. You plug in what you want and they provide special pricing. I got quotes from 3 Phoenix-area Ford dealers, not including Peoria Ford. Immediately, I got emails and soon phone calls. I checked each dealers Fusion online inventory and they didn't have any full-loaded Hybrids.

៛ I went to the closest on the list: Rodeo Ford in Goodyear, south of my house. I spoke to Internet sales manager Robert Jelinik. Robert said Ford is starting to take orders for Hybrid Titanium, which is their premium Fusion. After thinking about it, I ordered a Black Fusion Hybrid Titanium (aka FHT). Why black? I liked some of the other colors but never owned a black car. I got black leather interior.

Came with these options:
✔ Navigation system
✔ Driver Assist: Blind Spot Monitoring and Lane Keeping System which gives warnings if you drift into next lane
✔ Adaptive Cruise Control: adjusts to changing traffic conditions and maintains distance
✔ Reverse Sensing System: bumper cameras including warning if objects are on your left & right
✔ Active Park Assist: parallel parks for you!
✔ Full-Loaded (all equipment that I wanted, no compromise)
✔ Ford Sync and MyFord Touch

៛ It took 60 days to arrive. It was the first Hybrid Titanium in the Southwest. It more than met my expectations. The electric motor is very quiet. When I turn it on, I can barely hear it. The cool part is you have to relearn how to drive. FHT has several gas/electric indicators. You accelerate to speeds and adjust so the electric engine turns on. I don't notice a difference when either engine engages. The battery is always charging. Braking will also charge the battery; when I slow down/come to a stop, a meter tells you how much energy was returned during your stop, with 100% being the best energy return. At the end of my trip, it reports electric miles, gas miles, regenerative miles and miles per gallon.

Overall, I am completely satisfied with the FHT.

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