Why 4?

§ Several people ask me why "Brian 4" on my Michigan and Arizona license plates? What does the four stand for? Does it stand for how many times I have been married? The number of times I was acquitted of various crimes? The number of illegitimate children I refuse to acknowledge? The number four is deeply rooted in mystery. The origins may never be revealed to regular humans.
Anyway, the four stood for the number of vehicles that I had when I bought my MI plate in 1992. Way back then, you had to mail an application for a personalized plate. I sent in a couple of suggestions. Brian 4 was my second or third choice; my first was KING B. Later on, website Brian 4.com was a school project during my undergraduate studies. For the record, here is the official Brian 10 list:

    Brian's Vehicle Collection:
  1. 1984 Black Indian Moped named Nightmare
  2. 1978 Green AMC Concord
  3. 1986 Gold Renault Encore
  4. 1988 Silver Pontiac LeMans
  5. 1993 White Hyundai Elantra
  6. 1998 Red Chevy Cavalier
  7. 2000 Silver Chevy Impala
  8. 2004 Pewter Nissan Murano
  9. 2013 Black Ford Fusion Titanium Hybrid
  10. 2016 White Ford Fusion Titanium Energi Plug-In Hybrid