Magazine Entertainment Weekly asked actress Emma Stone (La La Land, Poor Things, The Help) about her favorite movies.
I thought it was interesting and figured I'd answer (most of) the questions that EW gave to Emma.

Question Movie Explanation Poster
Last Movie I Saw in Theater Argylle
An Action-Comedy with a twist ending Super-Cena!
Last Movie I Watched on my iPad Knock at the Cabin
Very good movie. Sat on the edge of my (airplane) seat. Boogie Shoes
Movie That I've Never Seen And Want To See Dr. Strangelove
Seems to be a crazy movie with various messages The Bomb
Older Movie That I've Finally Seen The Wrestler
Good despiction of an older wrestler who has seen better days Cassidy & Stephanie
Movie That Has Been Re-Released In Theaters (2021) Lady Sings the Blues
Seen bits and pieces, first time fully on the Big Screen. Great movie Piano Man
The First Movie I Remember Watching Enter the Dragon
Started my love of Karate Bruce Lee
The Movie Character I Wanted to Be Indiana Jones So cool. Could fight, was smart, shoot a gun, tough and use a whip Indiana
The First R-Rated Movie I Ever Saw T.N.T. Jackson
Blaxploitation movie with a Woman who did Kung-Fu T.N.T.
My First Movie-Star Crush Pam Grier So Hot Grier
The Scariest Movie I've Ever Seen Friday the 13th
I didn't sleep the night we saw that! Friday
The Movie Costume I'd Love to Wear Fantastic Four
The F.F. was my favorite comic book and would love to have a uniform Fantastic Four
The Movie I Can't Turn Off When It's On TV Roadhouse
Everything that a Man likes: sex, fighting, explosions, simple story, sex, guns, music, fighting, monster trucks, sex... Roadhouse
The Last Movie I Bought Breakin'
I mostly watch the second dance-off. Back in the day, I couldn't break-dance but loved both movies Breakin
The Movie I've Seen More Times Than I Can Count Star Wars Episode VI:
Return of the Jedi (1983)
The first movie I dubbed from a rental to a blank VHS VCR tape Star Wars
The Movie Musical I Know (Almost) Every Word To Grease
Easy answer. However there are some songs (Hopeless Devoted, Sandy) I will fast-forward through Grease!
The Movie (DVD) I'm Always Telling People To See The Terminator 2:
Judgment Day (1991)
The T-1000 special effects were incredible. The DVD added a deleted scene which would have taken part of the storyline into a different direction Terminator 2
The Scene That Reminds Me What Great Acting Is Robert De Niro and
Mickey Rourke in
Angel Heart
Rourke's Harry Angel finally realized the truth as De Niro's Cyphre fills in the blanks Angel Heart
The Last Movie That Made Me Cry Benji
Benji's girlfriend was attacked by cruel humans and had one of her legs broken. I cried like a baby Benji
The Movie I Quote All The Time The Matrix
Such a great movie. The sequels were only okay The Matrix
The Movie I Can't Wait For Kill Bill:
Volume 3
I've got some great ideas for a prequel. Quentin Tarantino, please start this project ASAP! Kill Bill
My Favorite Action Character John Wick He's an honorable killer. Really, all he wants is to be left alone with his dog Guns and Judo

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